David Stein, COO/Partner of Residential Home Funding Corp. Quoted on 5 Things to Know About Mortgages Now

The mortgage industry is constantly changing and it is imperative for professionals to continually educate themselves so that they can best serve their clients. David Stein, COO and Partner of Residential Home Funding Corp was interviewed by Kathleen Lynn, a writer at The Record, about the five things to know about mortgages now. This is… Read more »


Continuing Education Requirements: More Than Compliance; A Path To Success By Barbara Scalera, Residential Home Funding There’s one school of thought that says continuing education requirements are here and mortgage originators have to live with it. There’s another that says the regulation and oversight are too much, and it’s time to leave the industry. And… Read more »

After Housing Shakeout, Mortgage Industry Looking to Replenish Ranks of Mortgage Loan Officers

By Laurie Sutton, Mortgage Finance School The bursting of the real estate bubble, the mortgage fraud crisis and the downturn of the economy in 2008 had one small silver lining. It helped rid the mortgage industry of many unqualified and even unscrupulous mortgage loan officers. There have been several changes within the industry since then,… Read more »

Thomas Marinaro, President of Residential Home Funding, Quoted In American Banker

Residential Home Funding Corp.’s President, Thomas Marinaro, was interviewed by American Banker Magazine about the private label mortgage products for banks and credit unions that Residential Home Funding has to offer. Small Banks Adjust to CFPB’s New Mortgage Rules by ANDY PETERS AUG 19, 2013 1:52pm ET Community bankers are scrambling to update their playbooks to… Read more »

Dave Stein Quoted in Record- How Underwater Homeowners Can Get A Cheaper Interest Rate

Dave Stein COO at Residential Home Funding, was quoted in the Record on underwater mortgages. The article below, was written by Record reporter Kathleen Lynn. How Underwater Homeowners Can Get A Cheaper Interest Rate  When mortgage rates dropped below 4 percent, Noorus Khan and her father, Badrul Khan, wanted to refinance their loan to lower their… Read more »

Residential Home Funding Corps. Dave Stein Speaks On Pre-Closing Credit Checks

COO and Partner at Residential Home Funding Corp. David Stein was quoted in the New York Times article about pre-closing credit checks. This is a great piece you all should read because making purchases before your loan is complete can call off the entire transaction! Pre-Closing Credit Checks By LISA PREVOST Published: July 5, 2013 Buyers… Read more »

Residential Home Funding Corps. Quoted On 203(k) Loan

Dave Stein, one of the partners at Residential Home Funding Corps., was quoted in the Sunday Star Ledger this past week. He spoke about a little known mortgage loan program, the 203(k) loan. We have loan officers who specialize in the 203(k) loan program here at Residential Home Funding Corp. on standby who will give… Read more »