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Teachers: Our Every Day Heroes

An activist for education by the name of Malala Yousafzai once said “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” A teacher’s basic job definition is to instruct other individuals in any subject matter that’s given. However, we’ve noticed a lot of teachers that constantly go above and beyond the… Read more »

Loans for Police Officers and Law Enforcement

Thank you for your dedication to protect us! At Residential Home Funding, we appreciate all the hard work and effort police officers and law enforcement personnel like you do to protect us. That is why we offer two different types of home loans that are special for law personnel just like you. If you are:… Read more »

Want To Reduce Your Closing Costs?

How to get the best costs and to finish the deal to homeownership To obtain a mortgage, we have to pay miscellaneous fees regarding the title, land surveyor, the government for their taxes and recording the deed, and other fees. The closing costs alone can be an additional 6% of the loan. However, the closing… Read more »

History of the Mortgage Rates

We’ve been saying a lot that mortgage rates. You might think it’s a gimmick and we are pulling your arm. However, if you look at the past 100 years, you can see it’s actually true! Around 1930’s, mortgages were starting to take off in America. When they first started, most mortgages required buyers to make… Read more »

Tips for sticking to a holiday budget

It’s coming! The time we light up the tree, light the candles, and celebrate the holidays with love ones. However, the time for gift exchanges are coming as well! Did you know we can spend an average of $800 for holiday items (however, it includes décor and cards) in 2015 season? Holiday budgeting takes time,… Read more »

Are you afraid to buy your first home?

Everyone tells you one of the most major purchases you can make in your life time is your own home. However you hear what everyone says about the process and that makes you anxious! The “what if” or “Is it right” questions pop up in your head and it can make you spooked out about… Read more »

An Interview with Rick Riddle, “The Mortgage Guy with the Bow Tie”

We sat down with the “Mortgage Guy with the Bow Tie”, Rick Riddle to get his take on the spring market. Here is an excerpt from the interview: RHF: So what do you see going on in the real estate market? Rick Riddle: After an unusual slow start to the year, we are starting to see… Read more »