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Loans for Police Officers and Law Enforcement

Thank you for your dedication to protect us! At Residential Home Funding, we appreciate all the hard work and effort police officers and law enforcement personnel like you do to protect us. That is why we offer two different types of home loans that are special for law personnel just like you. If you are:… Read more »

Want To Reduce Your Closing Costs?

How to get the best costs and to finish the deal to homeownership To obtain a mortgage, we have to pay miscellaneous fees regarding the title, land surveyor, the government for their taxes and recording the deed, and other fees. The closing costs alone can be an additional 6% of the loan. However, the closing… Read more »

History of the Mortgage Rates

We’ve been saying a lot that mortgage rates. You might think it’s a gimmick and we are pulling your arm. However, if you look at the past 100 years, you can see it’s actually true! Around 1930’s, mortgages were starting to take off in America. When they first started, most mortgages required buyers to make… Read more »

How to close quickly on your mortgage

Mortgage rates are at an all-time low and with the availability of low- and no-down payment loans, it’s no wonder why it’s easy to be a homeowner! Due to this, it is a seller’s market. However, a prepared buyer will most likely get the house, especially of the seller requests a “quick closing”. If you… Read more »


    RE/MAX OF NEW JERSEY, INC. ADDS RESIDENTIAL HOME FUNDING AS PREFERRED LENDER (MOORESTOWN, NJ) – RE/MAX of New Jersey, Inc. announces its newest partnership with Residential Home Funding as a preferred lender. Since its establishment in 2000, Residential Home Funding has built a client base that includes first-time homebuyers and individuals with high… Read more »

An Interview with Rick Riddle, “The Mortgage Guy with the Bow Tie”

We sat down with the “Mortgage Guy with the Bow Tie”, Rick Riddle to get his take on the spring market. Here is an excerpt from the interview: RHF: So what do you see going on in the real estate market? Rick Riddle: After an unusual slow start to the year, we are starting to see… Read more »

Get Pre-Approved The Correct Way- A Tip From Brad Armstrong

Before you attempt to get pre-approved, make sure you have all of your financial documentation, including tax returns, so you get approved for the correct amount that you qualify for. I have seen customers with approvals that are not worth the paper they are printed on because the income after adjustments is significantly lower than… Read more »