Mortgages for Military Servicemen, Servicewomen and Veterans

mortgages for military

You are our Champions!

The nation is PROUD of all of you in the gallant ranks of the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force, Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Merchant Marines, the Army and Air National Guard, Veterans and new Enlistees. Thank you for keeping our country safe. We are honored to now serve you.

This specialty Military mortgage program reduces the red tape, that extra paperwork and so many of the out of pocket costs often associated with residential home mortgage financing programs.

For anyone with a career in a Military related field, this program will eliminate on every mortgage the Loan Application Fee, the Loan Processing Fee, the Mortgage Underwriting Fee and the Mortgage Commitment Fee and associated Commitment Points which can save as much as 2.00% to exorbitant costs to finance a home mortgage with the following Programs.

To the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Pilots, Merchant Marines, Coast Guards, National Guards, Air National Guards, Homeland Security, those on Active Duty, our Reservists, the beloved Veterans and dearly missed POWs, we honor your passion to protect, your sacrifices that you and your families make, and your loyal dedicated service to our Country and all can qualify.

This Champion program does not require a dd214 form as well as Full Eligibility.

  • First Time Home Buyer and Second Time Home Buyer Program or a 203k Streamline to add a new kitchen or more bedrooms for your growing family.
  • Financing for a Single Family Home, a two to four family unit, a condominium or a manufactured home.
  • Financing for a Mixed Usage Commercial Property such as a Store with Apartments.
  • Home Mortgage Loan Programs require very little or NO down payment, competitive low rates and allows more flexible credit criteria.
  • Refinance Programs also provide a Rate and Term refinance up to a 97.75% Loan to Value of the Appraised Value of your Home.

Our special mortgage for military program’s internet tools provide a higher level of service as well as cut and eliminate the costs for all who dedicate their daily lives to serve and care for us.

This program’s technology is providing a more productive financing environment to close mortgage loans. Through our Web Site, Mortgages For Champions© application submissions are completely secure for pre-qualifying for a special mortgage, requesting an update on the mortgage loan in process and much more!

By applying online with Mortgages For Champions ©, every mortgage loan application is received immediately! We are simultaneously notified by email and prompted to our secure server to retrieve your mortgage application.

We start the processing of your residential home mortgage today! At Residential Home Funding ©, we proudly show our gratitude for you because you so generously give of yourselves. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you have questions or would like to get more information on our specialty military mortgage program please fill out the form on this page or call us at (888) 886-5829.