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Special Loans for Firefighters

To become a firefighter, paid or volunteer, it takes a special kind of person to undergo countless number of hours training and education for one common goal: to help and protect your local cities and neighborhoods. Once one becomes a certified firefighter, they are always on alert 24/7 to respond to a local call and… Read more »

Special Mortgages for Medical Professionals

It must be tough when the fate of people’s lives is literally at your hand. Or if you have to do a simple procedure like take blood from a patient and you can’t find the right vein to stick the needle in or one of your patients had an accident in their bed. Your job… Read more »

The True Meaning Of Memorial Day

On the last Monday of May every year, The United States of America considers this day as a federal holiday and calls it “Memorial Day”. To most people, they are usually off from work as a paid holiday and they take advantage of the three day weekend with barbeques, trips down to the beach, or… Read more »

Teachers: Our Every Day Heroes

An activist for education by the name of Malala Yousafzai once said “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” A teacher’s basic job definition is to instruct other individuals in any subject matter that’s given. However, we’ve noticed a lot of teachers that constantly go above and beyond the… Read more »

Common Causes That Can Start a Fire at Home

Only YOU can prevent home fires The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported that there are more than 360,000 home structure fires each year which adds up to about $6-8 billion dollars in damages each year. The main cause for fires can be started by daily activities that no one thinks about. So to prevent… Read more »

Why Do Millennials Love VA Loans?

As discussed beforehand, millennials are currently dominating the home buyer’s market, and here’s how! When many millennials finish their service in the military, they start to enter the work force. Since many millennials are getting a head start on their career, it’s no wonder why most would want to start settling down and buy their… Read more »

Who is Lady Justice?

If you want to see an allegorical personification, or a person based off of human psychology, of justice, you will be presented an image of Lady Justice in front of you. She is known as the Roman goddess of Justice (as Justita) and is equivalent to Themis, a Greek goddess who is described as “[the… Read more »

Loans for Police Officers and Law Enforcement

Thank you for your dedication to protect us! At Residential Home Funding, we appreciate all the hard work and effort police officers and law enforcement personnel like you do to protect us. That is why we offer two different types of home loans that are special for law personnel just like you. If you are:… Read more »

Want To Reduce Your Closing Costs?

How to get the best costs and to finish the deal to homeownership To obtain a mortgage, we have to pay miscellaneous fees regarding the title, land surveyor, the government for their taxes and recording the deed, and other fees. The closing costs alone can be an additional 6% of the loan. However, the closing… Read more »